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Empire For God - Dedicated to the Arts, Multicultural Awareness, Media Literacy Education, Support for Youth and Seniors.

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About Us

Why Media Literacy?


Too many people are spending too much time talking about problems.

Let's talk about solutions!

Find out more ...Get involved by taking action

Media Literacy is the New Literacy of the 21st Century


Media Literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and produce, communication, in a variety of forms and Media Technologies. Media Literacy helps to increase analytical and critical thinking skills. Empowering students K-12 with Media Literacy  and making this a part of the essential elements, will bring more inspiration, motivation, fun and excitement to all learning environments. Media Literacy will bring the Arts back into the learning process and allow the students to use their creative juices as a vital part of their academic growth. Using the performing arts,providing unique educational services and media  education is crucial to our success in the 21st Century. Media education must be added to the Essentials Elements in all states K-12.

Our Youth and our Seniors need us now!


Please join the first Texas Chapter For Media Literacy Legislation. With your help, we can get Media Literacy to become a mandatory Essential Element in the state of Texas. Let's empower our Youth and our Seniors with the benefits of Media Literacy in the 21st Century. STEM education and bringing the Arts back into the learning process will increase academic achievement for all our youth, including those with special needs. Our Seniors will also be empowered and enjoy a better lifestyle. They'll learn  that 21st Century technology, is not a curse but a much needed blessing, that can connect or reconnect them with their families.


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